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Cultural Tour Package India, India is a popular destination and boast a cultural heritage that is worth exploring. As a tourist you have many choice to explore - from cuisine to dances to music. All in diverse in nature encompass to form the culture of India. Ver few countries in the world have such an ancient and diverse culture as India's. Dating back to over 5000 years old civilization, India's culture has been enriched by successive waves of migration which were absorbed into the Indian way of life. The Indian culture comprises of Indian music, Indian Dance, Indian cuisines, costumes and Indian Festivals.

Indian Dances

Cultural tourism in india, Indian dances are popular all over the world for their unique style and lucid expression portrayed by the artiste. Indian dances have the potential to recreate the magic of past era as well as represent the present with their futuristic style.

It is belived that classical dance in India originated 2BC when the ancient treatise on dance, Natya Shastra, was compiled.

Guided by the elaborate codes in the Natya Shastra and by mythology, legend and classical literature, Indian classical dance attracts many tourist all across the world. Classical dance forms have rigid rules for presentation. ASome of the leading dance classical dance form are Bharata Natyam, Kathakali, Kathak, Manipuri, Odissi, Kuchipudi and Mohini Attam.


Cultural Tour of India, Originating from North India, Kathak is derived from the word Katha (story). The dance was intiated by the devotional recitation of the story tellers or Kathakars who were attached to the temples. It was essentially peformed in the temples, in the praise of the lord. One can easily see the influence of Mughals on the costume designed for the performer.

Kathakali - Cultural Tour Package Indi

Cultural Trip to India, Originated in 17 th century, Kathak is a typical dance drama that comes from Kerala and has its roots in Indian mythology. The artiste performs a well written incidence from the Hindu epics or scriptures by suing facial expression and specific hand gestures. With an elaborate costumes. Kathakali dancers use make up that takes several hours to apply.

Much of the story that accompanies the dance is told by singers accompanied by precussion instruments.


Cultural Tour of India, Classical music of India has its roots beliefs of the people and an amalgamation with other systems has not erased this source. Careful intonation has always been at the core of Indian classical music. The chanting of sacred words and phrases like Om required total precision because these chants were part of what it took to maintain the order of the universe.

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