Home and Garden Design

Garden design is an art of designing the landscapes or planting in an area. Garden can be defined as a small area annexed with the home. Garden design depends on its purpose and the activities that can be carried out in it. Nowadays designing garden is such an essential part of a home that there are professionals who expert in planting and designing landscapes, there are also landscape architectures who expert in designing complete layout of an area.

The design of home and garden needs to be in perfect harmony as both of these represent uniqueness from each other. The use of designs can be very much easy for the purpose of helping individuals get across their aesthetic taste and personality. A lot of times, the home and garden design can be in suiting and matching colors and styles. But in different times these might involve the use of materials and artifacts that could leverage the contrast. The garden can be designed of course with colors that could go very well with the green color. The green grass and leaves are a common part of every garden and various furnishings can be used for the purpose of taking out meanings even better.

On the other hand, the use of colors in home and garden design can be made inside the house that can contrast the colors used in the garden but could still hold some similarity to them. Moreover, pictures, materials and other details in the home can be very easily made up in a way to contain the colors used in the garden. However, if garden and home are in somewhat integration and are close physically then some differences could be made. While designing a garden a few factors must be considered like the length of the area, the soil of the gardens and the types of the plants that can be planted in it, location of the garden and also its boundaries.

Best location for a garden is where it can receive sunshine although this factor can’t be controlled by the gardener. Sunshine is very important for plants as it helps in their growth and keeps them healthy for a longer period. Although there are some kinds of plants are shade loving plants others like rose plant need sunlight for their growth. So a gardener must keep this factor in his mind before planting that what do they want in their garden?

Soil can also influence the garden design because a soil decides which plants can grow and which can’t. Soil provides the plants with lots of water and nutrients. A soil can be made fertile by the gardener himself by employing several fertilizers. Sometimes different plants need different fertilizers for their growth particularly a rose plant needs lots of attention for blossoming its flowers.

Furniture can also be employed in ones garden. Usually chairs and tables are used as furniture. By most of the people a garden is used as a sitting area. Heaters may also be used in gardens so that people can sit outside in a cold day or night. Furniture used mostly is made up of metals or stones or plastics but make sure not to use wood in your garden because in could serve a good food for insects. Mostly treated wood is used for a garden that is resistant to all insects.

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